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Week 5: A week of firsts

It’s Sunday morning, a bit after 7, and I’m snuggled in bed with Jimmy and Cassidy as she munches on Joe’s O’s and watches Moana for the 17th time. It’s freezing! Well, it’s only 51 degrees in here but the furnace is running and warming things up. It’s been getting down into the 40’s at [...]

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Week 4: Can’t believe it’s been a month!

I can’t believe today marks one whole month on the road! Seems we’ve only been traveling for two weeks—time is going fast and Jimmy and I agree we’re traveling too fast, as well. Some of this has been dictated by the availability at campgrounds and RV parks (sometimes we can only get a 3 or [...]

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Week 3: We Love Colorado!

It felt so good to arrive in Colorado on Tuesday—tears came to my eyes as we first glimpsed the mountains and Aidan and Fiona shouted in amazement from the back seat. It felt like we finally “got somewhere”—a destination. We pulled off the highway into Golden and slowly made our way through the downtown and [...]

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Week 2!!!

Lee’s Summit, MO _____________ Places We Visited: National World War I Museum Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center National Frontier Trails Museum 1879 Chicago & Alton RR Depot […]

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How’s the internet going to work on the road?

One of the early concerns I had, cause I like to poke holes in every plan, was how was I going to stay connected to clients and work on the road? I think we take for granted that there’s basically internet everywhere in heavily populated areas. Being from Chicago, there’s always WiFi somewhere. It’s certainly [...]

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“We’ve gotta sell the house!”

My husband Jimmy, was walking home from a meeting with our banker—a meeting to discuss refinancing our house. The banker had looked at our finances and confirmed our thoughts—we were spending too much on our property. Even though Jimmy works seven days a week, no matter which we stretched the money, it just wouldn’t cover everything. [...]

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