“We’ve gotta sell the house!”

My husband Jimmy, was walking home from a meeting with our banker—a meeting to discuss refinancing our house. The banker had looked at our finances and confirmed our thoughts—we were spending too much on our property. Even though Jimmy works seven days a week, no matter which we stretched the money, it just wouldn’t cover everything.

“We’ve gotta sell the house!” Jimmy called me as soon as he’d left the bank.

Three emotions flooded my mind, each on the heels of the other: relief (we have a way out!), excitement (change! something new!) and heartbreak (our friends! our dear, dear neighborhood friends).

Jimmy and I threw ourselves into the process of moving—we took our friend’s (thanks, Kathy!) recommendation on a realtor (Verlyn! We loved working with you!) and began scouting Redfin for potential houses.

We broke the news to the kids (tears all around 🙁 and then to our family and friends (more tears. . . .)

A couple weeks later, I was on a walk with my good friends, Kathy and Amy. We were discussing towns we could potentially move to and Amy turned to me and said, “well, now you could get an RV and go on that trip you wanted to. . . .”

I practically ran home, burst into Jimmy’s office (yes, it’s amazing he gets any work done at home) and said, “what if we sold the house and got an RV instead. . . ?” It took him all of 4 seconds to process what I’d said before he jumped on board, “yes!”

About 5 years ago Jimmy was ready to just get an RV and “get outta town” for an indeterminate length of time. I did some research and some math and determined there was no way we could afford an RV and keep the house and we weren’t ready to sell our house and give up the great neighborhood and community we loved. So we put the idea on the shelf, thought “someday, maybe. . . .” Well, today was that day. We were selling the house anyway, why not hit the road?

We proposed the idea to the kids and their reactions couldn’t have been further from the ones they’d had during our last big family conversation. They jumped up and down. They screamed. Our 2 year old did, too (although she didn’t quite understand what the joy was all about, it certainly was contagious).

That was it. We took the lemony situation of moving out of a place we loved and made some juicy, sweet-tarty lemonade of an adventure.

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