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Tribe of Five

Our decision in March 2017 to buy an RV caught all of our family and friends off guard – we had literally just announced we were going to sell our house and now we were going to be even further away from our family and friends. 99.9% of the people we told were over the moon with excitement for this, the .1 percenters came around. The timing was oddly perfect and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see the USA.

So who are we?

We’re a Midwest family, born and raised, living the suburban dream until we decided to shake up our lives and do something different. We’re vegetarian (2/5 gluten free, 3/5 vegan-leaning), homeschoolers and burgeoning minimalists. We’ve spent the last 3 years living, working and schooling at home (all together, all the time) and now we’re takin’ this loud, whiny, funny, creative show on the road in a 30 foot Airstream Flying Cloud.

Tribe of Five on a Wild Ride in an Airstream

Left to Right: Bernadette, Cassidy, Fiona, Aidan, Jimmy

Dad, graphic designer, serial entrepreneur, coffee lover, workaholic, tech junkie, crazy hair, helper, pessimist (realist), problem solver, chef, worrier, planner, neat freak, cleaner, slightly dyslexic, Virgo (say no more).

Mama, friend, awesome wife, homeschooler, vegetarian (vegan-leaning), easily inspired, optimist, reader, laugher, Aquarius, procrastinator with poor time-management skills and sense of direction, hugger, loves the promise of the unknown, if there’s a choice she usually chooses to walk uphill AND bake an extra pie.

Aidan – age 12
Builder, creator, tinkerer, Minecraft expert, artist, military buff, karate high blue belt, loud talker, magician, gamer, imaginative, role player, explorer, collector (Wall•e), candy lover.

Fiona – age 8
Crafter, weaver, gymnast, loves to sew, sing and dance, artist, giggler, big hugger, red-headed curly-q, beanie boo mommy of 30, expressive, happy-go-lucky, loves to help out and gives great shoulder massages, monkey lover, book lover, Daddy’s girl.

Cassidy – age 3
Cutie pie, independent, sassy pants, Mommy shadow, strong-minded, smiley, movie lover, book lover, always carries around her bunny or baby doll, sparkling water aficionado, loves going on walks and swinging.

So that’s our tribe of five. Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We have no idea what’s in store and can’t wait for the wild ride.